Psalter Lane, Sheffield

Reconfiguration of existing extension in conservation area

This was a complex project which involved the refurbishment of an existing two storey side extension along Psalter Lane in a conservation area. The side extension on the ground floor contained a utility room which opened on both road and garden facing sides with a toilet, and a winding stair access towards the rear leading up to the first floor which was used as a store room facing the street with a smaller storeroom at the stair landing. 

Our client wished to convert this space into living accommodation for visiting family. The ground floor utility space was retained, and a large bathroom was designed for use by the visitors. As it was an existing building, careful consideration had to be given to the drainage design to minimise demolition works. The first floor was designed to contain a wc/shower, dressing room, and an office/study space which is also accessible from the main house master bedroom. The office/study space looks onto a void which contains a stair taking one up to the new mezzanine floor which contains a bed, wardrobe and seating area. The refurbishment works therefore saw a large increase in existing floor space through negotiations with the planning authority.

The existing flat roofed yellow rendered extension was replaced by a pitched roof to match the original house. Stone to match the existing property was carefully selected in agreement with the planning officer to ensure the extension blended in well with the architecture of the conservation area. Door and window designs, materials and finishes were designed to be in keeping with the original house and its surroundings